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Skysol, established in 2001,start from solar light, solar cell, know how to convert light to electricity via silicon. In 2010,Skysol invest 3 million US dollars in LED industry, convert electricity to light via different and fabulous silicon.


Skysol, know what is customer’s real requirements, always can find harmony point in quality and price, but above all quality is most important in our mind.


Skysol, good at plastic-aluminum series LED bulbs as C37,C37 tail,G45,A55,A60, A65,A70,A80,G95,G125,etc and LED spotlight as GU5.3,GU10.


Skysol, also good at LED filament lamp as C35,C35 tail,G45,G45A,A60,G95,G125,etc. stable-long-soft Skysol LED filament will be seeing the world in 2017.   


Skysol, always good at LED panel light suitable for all kinds of standards as Europe,USA,

German,Russian markets for different appliances.


Skysol, also focus on deep technology on light source such as OLED which bring people unpredictable future.


Skysol, your best choice in darkness !

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